Random Links For Your Weekend

Another healthy batch of links this week.  Enjoy.

  • I don’t necessarily agree with all of the solutions in this Op-Ed about Hall H at Comic-Con, but I agree that something has to be done.  Not just to stave off violence (let’s face it, no metal detector was going to stop a kid with a pen), but for fairness to the fans.
  • And, because no batch of links would be complete without a link to something Chris Sims has written, he reviews Batman: The Widening Gyre #6.  In doing so he has ensured that I will never, ever read this horrible comic.  I caved and picked up Cacophony, but will NEVER allow myself to see someone write Batman like this.
  • Remember 80’s cartoon and toy line “The Bearriors”?  No.  No you don’t.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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