If you grew up any time between the 1950’s and now, odds are pretty good that you have memories of audio-visual “education.” We’re talking about those films that were meant to form and inform the young minds of America. These filmstrips, flims, and movies range in topics such as safety during a nuclear attack to personal hygiene and being a good citizen. What do children in the comic book universes watch in school?

So You Think You’re a Mutant

Common Myths About Venereal Disease and Super Powers

Puberty and Handling ‘Those Special Urges’ in a Liefeldian Universe

How to Blend Into Shadows and Spook Thugs

Phyctional Physics

Wolverine Presents: How to Be In Four Places At Once

Have a Plan: What to Do When They Escape the Deathtrap and How to Avoid a Spanking of Justice.

You’re in the driver’s seat now: A Drivers Ed training film for the Bat-mobile.

How to keep your eyes from opening a fraction of an inch

Navigating While Flying – How to know where you are anywhere in the world

The Best Defense if a Good Offense: Enormous Guns and You

Whatever Happened to the Boy of Tomorrow: a Cautionary Tale of Teen Suicide


Time-Life looks at 1939

American Experience: Phil Sheldon, a Marvelous Life

Henry P. McCoy Presents: A Brief History of Mutants

The Technoorganic Virus: Stop Picking At It Or It’ll Never Heal

What Not To Do With Telekinesis

Robin Has Two Batmen

Is an animal sidekick right for me?

Bruce Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Dealing with a psychological disconnect with the world

Spandex, Leather or Armor: Your Costume, Your Body Type

Orienting Yourself in Asylums, Mental Institutions, and Madhouses

Duck and Cover: Emergency Preparedness For Sidekicks

Stand by your (wo)man: An Emergency Preparedness film for Sidekicks prepared by the Wayne Foundation

Hard Time in The SLAB: Just say “No” when your so-called friend offers you an easy “score” and an energy weapon

Crimson Utility Belt: Emergency First Aid

So You Sold Your Soul To Hell (featuring Al Simmons)


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