Game Tape: Another forced hiatus

It’s been a month since I reviewed books. I’m told that this is mostly due to incompetence and misunderstandings on the part of UPS. Books were shipped to Los Angeles instead of LA; boxes with tracking numbers disappeared and magically reappeared in Mississippi. Suffice it to say, my LCS has not been getting books regularly. I’ve been playing catch-as-catch-can trying to keep up on weekends. This was the first week in a while that I could walk in on a Wednesday and find new books. Not much out this week specifically though. Still, let’s take a look at the game tape and see how it turned out.

The last chapter in the current arc of Warren Ellis’ Astonishing X-Men is a major let down. After such an interesting and slow set-up with genetic monstrosities stolen from Beast’s secret files, the pay off wasn’t there. In all honesty, I should have seen this coming. Ellis has made it abundantly clear that he hates superheroes. He uses issue #35 to spew bile in the direction of the X-Men. Through the villain, Ellis rants for five pages (non-stop) about why the X-Men are hypocritical at worst and phony at best. It’s boring, and as Hannibal Tabu at CBR points out: the argument doesn’t make sense in a world where the Morlocks or guys like Beak have been X-Men. As offensive as the (lack of) story is the fact that nearly every other page is a house ad. Presumably this is part of the price we must pay for books to remain $2.99.

Batman #702 filled in more gaps between the fight with Dr. Hurt and Batman’s “death” at the hands of Darkseid.  Given Batman’s drugged and abused mental state at the time, we do not get a cohesive narrative. For the most part, think of it as getting deleted scenes from Final Crisis. It’s not bad, but outside of the the confrontation with Darkseid and the following pages, it’s nothing really new. At best it’s sort of… meh.

Action Comics #892 continues Lex’s lust driven journey for a black ring. The story isn’t so great here, but we get some cool ideas and some great character moments for Lex and a couple of his flunkies. Cornell makes this worth picking up.

Sadly, no Muppet books this week, and I still have not read the all ages Infinity Gauntlet series.

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