Robin has two Batmen…

What are your gut reactions and more finely honed thoughts on the news that Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne will be wearing the cowl?

At first glance, I think WTF? On reflection though, we’ve got this happening all over the DCU already. In any given month there are as many as 4 Flashes running around with a couple of ancillary speedsters to boot. Green Lantern has an entire Corps spanning the Universe. Batman himself has effectively been building an army of mini-Batmen since the first Robin. In recent years it’s become hard as a reader to believe there could still be that much crime in Gotham. Huntress is running around, Catwoman frequently combats crime; Dick Grayson is in and out of Gotham. The Birds of Prey, Azrael, Slam Bradley, Tim Drake all fight Gotham’s crime too. How is Gotham not the safest city in the DCU? With so much caped activity and so many “legacy” characters in general, why shouldn’t there be a couple of Batmen running around?

I’m not going to spend time speculating the logistics of it, but it might be confusing having two guys called “Batman.” Do we go from THE Batman to A Batman? Maybe it does take something from the character. We’ll see.

In the mean time, head over to ComicsAlliance; Chris Sims examines the history of Bat-imposters and the probable meaning of a Dynamic Duo of Batmans or Batmen.

One comment on “Robin has two Batmen…

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