Random Links For Your Weekend

It’s a light week for links, but they’re important (well, except for this killer review of the new Brave and Bold game).

  • Adi Tantimedh talks to Alan Moore, specifically about Watchmen and all the buzz surrounding sequels, prequels, and other ephemera that DC should have the good taste to never publish.  Moore comes off like my grandmother in a lot of ways, but it’s good reading.  I’ll leave it up to you if he’s paranoid or just incredibly sharp.  (For what it’s worth, Tantimedh wrote the incredibly good and criminally hard to find JLA: Age of Wonder mini, which is well worth picking up if you ever see it.)
  • Brian Hibbs discusses the current state of affairs in the comics industry.  I love his writing and since he’s run a successful comic shop for over 20 years, if I’m speaking on behalf a retailer’s point of view it’s probably come from something he’s written.  While it’s probably safe to say that he’s never read the blog, I find it reassuring (in that I’m not alone and/or crazy) in thinking that comics are too expensive and the lines are too diluted, with too many books featuring overly-niche characters (sorry Marvel Boy) or characters that have traditionally only been able to support one title being given whole wings of the Marvel catalog.

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