Return to Yesteryear

Without the pulp heroes of yesteryear we would never have the comic books of today.  Sure, DC did a “Pulp Heroes” event several years back, but most people don’t know some well-known superheroes had their own pulp adventures.  In fact, some characters you wouldn’t expect first showed up in those pages and not, say, New Mutants #87.  For this week’s LIST we present: Superheroes in Pulp Fiction.

  • Superman in: Twilight on Kandor
  • The Bat-Man: Kiss of the Clown
  • The Adventures of Jungle Ken Hale: The Beast with a Human Heart
  • The Dead-Pool: Misty Mountain Arsenal
  • Barry Allen: Late for Death
  • District Attorney of 1000 Faces: The Mannister Strikes
  • Aqua-Man in Sink the Black Manta
  • Brandy Carter, Animal Psychiatrist in: The Pig Howls at Dusk
  • Kyle Rayner: She’ll Love Me Then Die
  • Revenge of the Darkhawk
  • To Stop a Juggernaut, a Cain Marko Adventure
  • Night on Blackhawk Island
  • To Survive the Night in Castle Doom, a Reed Richards mystery
  • Orion and The New Gods: The Anti-Life Equation!
  • The White Queen: Heart of Diamond, Heart of Glass
  • Terry Thirteen in The Hour After Midnight
  • Task Force X: Survive the House of Secrets
  • The Doom Patrol: Five Ways to Die
  • The Daemon of Xavier Mansion
  • Chasing the Dragon of Atlas, a Jimmy Woo tale
  • The Green Arrow in: Bullseye!


One comment on “Return to Yesteryear

  1. Jesse says:

    Oh, dear. That Batman graphic should say “Leap Before You Look”. I’ll have to fix that in post.

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