Game Tape, Huzzah!

A second consecutive week of comics and Game Tape? I thought it a thing of the past too, brothers and sisters. Yet it is here waiting for you. Jump into the internet’s 35th least read weekly comic book review blog.

Agents of Atlas #5 was out this week. It marks the end of another Jeff Parker title. Forgive me for not reviewing it. Even writing this much has me a bit verklempt.

Having forgotten my copy of Fantastic Four last week, I fixed the error. This is one of those books that I’m always looking forward to when it comes out. Since Hickman took over writing chores, this title has made the climb to the top of the read pile; it’s that good. I see what Jesse means about Doom being a part of the family. I’d never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. I’ve also always been curious to see if a writer would further develop/exploit the connection between Doom and Valeria that Waid established in his run with the late great Wieringo. I’m glad Hickman is picking up that little thread. How many Galactus bodies are there floating around now?

While I haven’t yet read the whole thing, I object to IDW’s GI Joe: Cobra Special #2. On principle, I do not appreciate that we got 22 pages of comic story and 33 pages of prose that is actually a preview/sample from a new collection of prose GI Joe stories. It might be the best thing I’ve ever read, but it’s still a 33 page house ad. No… just no.

On the other hand, Action Comics #893 impressed and entertained on so many levels. All you need to know about the main story is encapsulated in a quote by Gorilla Grodd, “Kneel before Grodd! You have walked into my ambush! And I have brought my biggest combat spoon–to eat your tasty brains!!!” This is the brilliance of Paul Cornell, and brother if that don’t butter your popcorn, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. I even enjoyed the second feature starring Jimmy Olsen.

Superman’s pal is one of those ideas I really love but have rarely liked past the Silver Age. Modern stories with Big O are rarely executed well. Most writers have him come off as either a doofus or a hipster. He a bit of both with some many other interesting layers. Nick Spencer has found these layers and crafted a character that is interesting to read. I tip my hat to Mr. Spencer for making me care about a story that featured Jimmy Olsen and was billed as being the “first comic book appearance of Chloe Sullivan of Smallville“…whatever. It’s a nice beginning for a story. I’m looking forward to seeing it resolved as much as I am seeing the resolution of the main Luthor story.

That’ll wrap it up for this light week. Except for two special shout outs.

H.D., long time supporter of Jesse related madness, celebrated a birthday this week. So happy birthday to you; I sang “O’ Dem Golden Slippers” in honor of the anniversary of the day of your birth.

Reader and frequent commenter, Saint Walker, also celebrated a birthday this week. For you, I shall sing “Camp Town Races.”

4 comments on “Game Tape, Huzzah!

  1. Hoyt Spivey says:

    Referring to Jimmy Olsen as “Big O” is just plain wrong. WROWNG!

  2. Jesse says:

    We may be the only two people who know why those are the songs you chose, but damn it, it’s funny!

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Doom/Valeria scene. I loved it, but I’m not quite sure if it fits. I’m leaning toward it being untapped brilliance by Hickman, and stupidity by Valeria.

    For some reason I’m fascinated by seeing how Batman interacts with kids. He’s a scary monster who has to be tender in order to help them. This scene reminded me of that dichotomy.

  3. Saint Walker says:

    Woohoo, I’m important enough to be written about by some comic book reader on the Internet!
    Rest assured I’m still reading, even if I let the posts pile up for a week or two before going through them. At any rate, I’m now curious about the song choice.

    I’m also looking forward to my copy of AC. Chloe Sullivan, huh? As long as they don’t start making Superboy flashbacks look like Tom Welling or suddenly decide that Pete Ross has been black all this time, I’m good.

    • Matt says:

      I like to think that mentioning our (known) readers is one of the personal touches that encourages readers to keep coming back.

      The song choice has to do with two things: the fact that the song “Happy Birthday” is copyrighted (turns out it took two people to write that song) so a public domain song is preferable. Secondly, Jesse and I are both obsessed with the show “Sports Night.” So this is all a reference to an episode where a main character gets into trouble for singing “Happy Birthday” on broadcast television.

      Wait… Pete Ross isn’t black?

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