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In any given week there are approximately 32 books featuring either Wolverine, Deadpool, or both. And there’s more to come. Here’s a sample of titles you can look forward to reading at your local panel story pamphlet dispensary.

Agents of Deadpool

Deadpool: No Class

League of Extraordinary Deadpools

Deadpool Crisis

Deadpool: The End

Deadpool: Year One

House of Deadpools


Wolverpool, a Tale from the Amalgam Universe

Wolverine 1,000,000

Untold Tales of the Wolverine

Wolverine, Inc

Love and Wolverines

What if Wolverine…?

Wolverceratops vs Deadpooladactyl

House of Wolverines

Game Tape

Not much to talk about this week. Batman and Robin was shorted this week, but I should have a copy by Saturday.

On a whim I picked up Loki #1. It’s not a bad book, but it’s a only an adequate book. It’ll probably read better as a collected trade. This series continues the idea that Loki is a function of the stories told about him. We see how Loki remembers acquiring Mjolnir for Thor. It’s well told and the art is decent, but this issue didn’t set my world on fire. Disappointing since I like the character of Loki. It is nice that with Balder’s death, Thor is sure we’re on the road to Ragnarok… too bad there’s no JSA to stop it.

Chaos War #2 didn’t inspire as much love this week as its predecessor. It’s still enjoyable and the story is headed in an agreeable direction. If nothing else, the scenes with the Silver Surfer are more than entertaining. Pay close attention to those sound effects. This issue is all about putting the band together in order to confront the Chaos King. Disappointingly, there is no back up feature here.

For those who miss $5 words and an over abundance of alliteration spewing from Cobra Commander’s mouth, G.I. Joe: Real American Hero #159 is the book for you this week. The Joes are making a break from Cobra’s Silent Castle. Plenty of BATs and things blowing up; plus there’s a ninja battle.

Not the best week of comics. I’m hopeful that B&R will make up for mediocre things.

Deadpool — Secrets!

It's my favorite month of the year: Rocktober!


SPOILER ALERT! Next month it will be revealed that Wolverine and I are brothers.


After Weapon X, being a mercenary was my second career choice after stand-up comedian, but how do you compete against the great talent out there?


Even with my mouth sewn shut in that movie, I had a hard time remembering my lines.


People ask me if I prefer swords or guns, but I'm complex like a delicate flower, and I can't be painted with such broad strokes.


This Week’s Comics

We’ve got another good batch of books this week.  Last week I passed on the Red Robin and Batgirl one-shots because I was picking up so much other stuff.  I don’t remember the last time that’s happened to me.  And now let’s take a look at this week.

  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #15 – I don’t even remember where we are with this one.  That can’t be a good sign.
  • BATMAN BEYOND #5 (OF 6) – On the other hand, the Hush Beyond arc here is really picking up steam.  The big reveal wasn’t as surprising as I would have liked, but it makes sense.  I just wish SOMEONE in the Bat-universe could get a happy ending.  Sheesh.
  • BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME CATWOMAN #1 and COMMISSIONER GORDON #1 – Like last week, these will depend on the creators involved and a flip test, but I’m game.
  • CHAOS WAR #2 (OF 5) – Man, I really loved issue #1, and I’m glad Matt talked me into it.  Don’t let anyone tell you “Event Fatigue” isn’t a real thing, especially if they’re working for a publisher putting out three (!) at the same time.  But this book has all of the Herc madness we’ve come to love.
  • MUPPET SHOW #11 – This is a good reminder that I haven’t read #10 yet. As always, this comes with the highest possible recommendation by both of us.

Last week’s Return of Bruce Wayne #5 proves that you can never, EVER say Grant Morrison doesn’t know what he’s doing, and to quote the big man (Bruce, not Grant) himself “The plot’s got a few holes, but I think it’s starting to make sense”.  I suspect by the end we’ll get the answers to everything we’ve wanted to know about Dr. Hurt and the Waynes, and Thomas and Martha will return to their normal sainted status in the DCU.

In other review news, I was pleasantly surprised by Superior #1, and apologize to Mark Millar for calling it Superman when, in fact, it is Captain Marvel.  Like with Nemesis, though, I still take issue with Millar’s boasts about creating new characters when he’s just rehashing old ones.  He does it very well, but what’s the last truly original character he’s written?

That’s it for me this week.  What are YOU looking at?

Random Links For Your Weekend