This Week’s Comics

We’ve got a bunch of good books to talk about this week…Which is good, because I didn’t make it to my LCS last week and comment on any of last week’s books.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • BATMAN #704 – And Tony Daniel returns to scripting and art duties, and my interest officially drops to zero again.
  • BATMAN INCORPORATED #1 – I suppose my opinion of this book (before reading it) could best be summed up as “sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.”  As long as there’s some extra material to justify the price point I’ll happily try it out, but the quality of the book will have a high mark to hit to overcome my queasiness about the premise.
  • BATMAN THE RETURN #1 – With all of the various and sundry Return of Batman books DC is putting out, I have no idea where this fits into the grand sceme of things.  With a $5 price tag I imagine I won’t be finding out for a while.
  • BEST AMERICAN COMICS HC 2010 – I’m a huge fan of indie comic anthologies.  In fact, I just picked up the 2007 edition of this book over the weekend.  This year’s edition is guest-edited by Neil Gaiman, so I imagine we’ll get some pretty stunning stories this year.
  • GREEN LANTERN #59 – Geoff Johns has officially bored me off this title.  Sorry.
  • LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME TP – I’ve heard some remarkable things about this book but haven’t been able find issues anywhere.  I’ll happily give it a try now.
  • SUPERIOR #2 (OF 6) – Mark Millar’s gone from giving us her version of Batman to his version of Captain Marvel.  And it’s pretty good!
  • THUNDERBOLTS #150 – I love Jeff Parker and I’ve really been enjoying his Thunderbolts run, but for $5 this better be a giant-sized issue. I’m stunned that we’re getting two $5 books in one week.

Two trades in two weeks…Madness!  Well, that’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?


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