This Week’s Comics

Last week was pretty disappointing in that I came back from my LCS with exactly zero comics.  Hopefully this week will work out a little better.  Here are this week’s noteworthy comics.

  • 27 #1 (OF 4) – The concept of this new title is intriguing: all of the famous and gifted musicians who died at 27 (Cobain, Hendrix, et al) were actually magicians.  I’ll bite.
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS BRIGHTEST DAY #3 – Big ups to DC for this series, putting together several issues reprinting Brightest Day tie-in issues for one low (-ish) price.  I could have used one of these for Blackest Night.
  • FABLES #100 – I’m just pointing out the bane of my existence so if anyone ever asks at what precise point comic book cover prices went so out of control that they destroyed the industry there’s an answer. Maybe I’m being too hard on this book; 100 pages for $10 isn’t too bad per page (as long as there aren’t any ads).  We’ll see how it shapes up on Wednesday.
  • KNIGHT & SQUIRE #3 (OF 6) – Don’t let a mediocre issue of Batman and Robin sour you on Paul Cornell’s brilliant work on this bat-book. It’s incredible!  If you liked Captain Britain, get this title.  And if you’ve never liked Knight and Squire, that’s okay.  I didn’t until now, either.

Since there’s nothing from last week to review, I’ll take the opportunity to talk about the first episode of Transformers: Prime, the new CGI TF mini-series.  It appears to be a fairly direct continuation of Transformers Animated, as the characters and designs appear to be the same.  The verdict?  Well, it more or less confirms my suspicion that TF animated series just aren’t for me and I check them out purely for nostalgia’s sake.

TF: Prime has spotty animation, poor backgrounds, and only the most cursory of plots.  That said, it’s still better than the first episodes I saw of TF Animated.  I also prefer my Transformers to have their vehicle modes recognizable in robot form, which Prime (the show, not the Autobot) doesn’t do.

Granted, a man in his 30’s isn’t the target audience, but neither are comics and I seem to have no problem appreciating those.  However, aside from the late-90’s Beast Wars series none them them have been very good.  I’m even going back through the original G1 series and while there are some good episodes, most are juvenile and banal.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold that against a cartoon based on a toy line, it just shows I’ve set the barest limits for standards.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?

2 comments on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Matt says:

    I don’t understand this mad hate you have for the animated show. Granted the stories were a little weak during the first season, but things really did pick up. This new show is at least two steps down in quality from that. As you say, the animation is spotty. Even Beast Wars from almost 15 years ago looked better.

    I caught all 5 episodes of TF Prime, and it’s more reasonable to say it’s a continuation of ideas and designs from the movie and the PS3 War for Cybertron.

    Really, the only thing Prime has going for it is Frank Welker as Megatron again. Listen closely in the latter 3 episodes and he slips into G1 Megs frequently.

    • Jesse says:

      I caught the first 3 or so episodes of Animated and never went back. I wouldn’t say I hated it, but it didn’t grab me. I probably should have gone back once they got stronger.

      I’m looking forward to playing War for Cybertron, though. It’s gotten some pretty solid reviews.

      I hope you’re proud of me, I did recognize Frank Welker as Megatron. I thought that was pretty cool.

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