The rare cinnamon LIST

Herbie Popnecker, a LEMUR favorite, famously gains powers and abilities by eating certain flavored lollipops. For your confectionary consideration, we have a list of other flavors and powers that Herbie had access to.

Sarsparilla – enables Popnecker to grow a mustache to rival Sam Elliot’s

Sweet and Sour – provides Herbie with the ability to digest MSG laden foods.

Grog – gives Herbie the ability to speak and understand “pirate talk.”

Tapioca – allows him to literally become a fat lump

Scrambled Eggs – allows Herbie to fly and talk to birds

Salt – allows Herbie to live indefinitely in saltwater or brackish environments

London Broil – gives Herbie a monocle and impeccable posh British accent

PBR – gives Herbie a trucker cap and the constitution to eat possum

Blue Milk – gifts Herbie with the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a jawa

Cordon Bleu – allows Herbie mastery over French sauces

Natural Light – provides Herbie with the strength and fighting ability of three drunken Russell Crowes

Tabasco – opens a portal to Hell which Herbie frequently uses to make Satan his bitch.

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