Game Tape

For starters this week, Batman and Robin #18 made a heck of a lot more sense. I won’t say it was great, but it was good enough that I’ll see how it ends. This issue reads like a golden age bat-villain origin story in which a bit of wonky medical fact is bastardized and mixed with toxic chemicals to create a mentally unbalanced villain. Some plot points are glossed over too quickly, but that’s forgivable considering how much ground had to be regained from last issue’s train wreck.

I can’t recommend that others pick up this Loki mini series, but I’m enjoying it. Of the Norse pantheon, Loki interests me the most. He always seems stuck wanting something not in his best interest, but he doesn’t ever realize that. The trickster aspect is also enjoyable. This mini reads as a greatest hits from mythology. Issue one covered the relationship with Thor and Loki’s role in the creation of Mjolnir. Issue two focuses on the death of Balder. It’s all well told in a Gaimanesque tone of voice. That said though, unless you’re really on fire for the god of mischief, wait for the trade.

Thunderbolts #151 was also really good. As usual, Jeff Parker shines. Here he covers the origin of Ghost. While the story beats are boilerplate, Parker makes them seem fresh. Seriously, he’s just that good.

So there you have it, another Wednesday passed.



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