Christmas LIST

Ah the end of the year… A time to reflect and ask for stuff because lots of folks are in a giving mood. Here’s what we’re asking for in the coming year. Since Jesse and I have both been good boys this year, I feel pretty confident that some of our wish list will be granted. Merry  Christmas everyone.


More Mummies!

Agents of Atlas

Nick Spencer’s Jimmy Olsen

Giant monsters destroying cities

Eric Powell

Creator-owned work by Marvel/DC stars

More than one Gumby comic per year

Descriptive sound effects

More (any) readable JLA stories

More tales that thrizzle by design




Lower cover prices

Mopey Superman

Fewer merely adequate books

Fanboy porn

Fewer story endings that aren’t relevant because of shipping SNAFU

Fewer events (especially those that promise to change the status quo but don’t)

Creative accounting to come up with anniversary issues

Use of Zombies as a seemingly unstoppable adversary/ plot device


One comment on “Christmas LIST

  1. […] Eric Powell is writing (or maybe more accurately, plotting) a new Godzilla series.  We’re already getting one of the things on our Christmas list! […]

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