With J. Michael Straczynski mostly off Superman (he still gets plot credits), we will not see his story come to fruition as he envisioned it. Originally slated to be a year long, LEMUR found out recently that DC wanted to lengthen the Grounded arc indefinitely. Sadly that won’t be happening now. What social ills and mundane issues won’t we see Superman tackling in his amended trek across America?

Adult bed wetting (planned for issue 707)

Teens and wet dreams (also 707)

Jaywalking (714)

Furries (709)

Treehouses and Huffing (720)

What to do with Gran’ma (717)

High Fructose Corn Syrup (708)

The Third Wheel (he’s always in the way in issue 711)

The Gout! (715)

The replacement of “aks” for “ask” (708)

Paper or plastic? (Issue #726)

Bubblegum Pop (722)

Sleep Numbers (709)

Programming mom’s VCR/DVR (740)


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