This Week’s Comics

We’ve got quite a long list this week, with a pretty healthy number of books I would have picked up anyway. Here’s what’s I’m looking at.

  • ACTION COMICS #897 – I’ve been really looking forward to the DC price drop SPECIFICALLY so I could start picking up Paul Cornell’s Action Comics…only to cut myself off at the knees by The Experiment.
  • AGE OF X ALPHA #1 – To be honest, I get fed up with X-Overs, and I’ve had a hard time identifying the X-Characters in the ads. But curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.
  • AVENGERS #9, NEW AVENGERS #8, and SECRET AVENGERS #9 – This is way too many Avengers books, but each seems to have their own interesting hook. I just picked up several back issues of each for 50 cents each, and I expect these will be pretty easy to get caught up on.
  • CHAOS WAR #5 – I really enjoed the first issue (and all of The Incredible Herc), but cover price and Matt’s less-than-glowing review for subsequent issues led me to drop it pretty quickly.
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #873 – You know…Batman.
  • FANTASTIC FOUR #587 – This is the one I’m afraid I’ll never be able to find for less than cover price. Jonathan Hickman’s work on this book has been revelatory.
  • SPAWN #201 – Only to see the new direction.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #152 – Passing up this one is going to be hard. Jeff Parker’s really been taking this book about die-hard criminals to fun places.
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #4 – Much like I wrote about Jason Aaron’s Wolverine last week, I’ve been hearing great things about Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. So I’m in as long as it stays good.

So, these get added to my running pull list and that’s it for me this week. What are YOU looking at?

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