Sunnytime Review Show: Best There Is Edition

“Hey kids, hands off!”

Is there any more effective way to convince a kid to do something than by forbidding them?  Whether it’s alcohol, porn, or comics, the forbidden nature is the root of the appeal.  And so it is with Wolverine: The Best There Is #1, whose sole draw is is the giant text on the cover saying “Parental Advisory: Not for Kids!”

Normally when I do reviews I throw out some relatively generic remarks on the writing and art, but this book is so horrible it deserves more detail.  Charlie Huston manages to put together the most generic X-plot you’ve seen a hundred times before, with Mystery Villain X and Trapped Mutant Prisoner Y and Mutant Cage Fighting Club Z, and yet manages to turn it into a Bourne Identity ripoff.  At the same time, he completely misrepresents Logan.  There’s a case to be made that — like Superman #707 — Logan is being mind-controlled, but even when he’s not, he’s a completely unfamiliar character.

Artist Juan Jose Ryp has been putting out quality work on books like Robocop, No Hero, and Black Summer for Avatar, so it was inevitable he would get the call to work for The Big Two.  However, here his work comes across mostly as stilted and over-posed, and not quite ready for prime time.

The real irony is, it’s not much “mature” than any other Wolverine comic on the stands!  When the character’s flagship title features him in HELL, having Logan dance with (and give designer haircuts to?!??!) some generic clubhopping cliches at a douchebag hipster club doesn’t seem especially offensive.  Even the language is all %^#&!’ed out.  Truly, the most offensive part of this book is Ryp’s decision to draw hints of Wolverine’s pubic hair.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a horrifying decision, but nothing that rates a Parental Advisory rating and such strong warning language on the cover.

Then, to top it all off…Marvel wraps the whole debacle up with a beautiful Bryan Hitch cover.  No, sir.  I don’t think I like it.


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