This Week’s Comics

There are some fun books coming out this week!  Here’s what I think is noteworthy for this week’s outing to the comic shop.

  • 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) #3 (OF 4) – The second issue explained some fishy things about the number 9, and according to the next-issue blurb this is where the famous musicians dying at 27 connection kicks in.  Also — and I can’t say this enough — the Golden Age size is awesome.
  • ACTS OF VENGEANCE and ATLANTIS ATTACKS OMNIBUS HC – I’m more interested in Acts of Vengeance than Atlantis Attacks*, but I think it’s really cool that Marvel is collecting these.  I hope they’ll do TPB’s, too, as I’m more inclined to pick those up than $100 hardcovers, lovely as they may be.
  • ATOMIC ROBO DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE #3 (OF 5) – Buy this book.  For reals.  Jeff Clevinger and Scott Wegener are creating something really special here.
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS GREEN LANTERN FEAR ITSELF and WONDER WOMAN #1 – Not a single DC Presents collection has passed the flip test.  Though I still admire their attempt, for the most part they’ve just been early-to-mid 90’s reprints that are easy enough to find anywhere. Keep trying, DC.
  • KNIGHT & SQUIRE #5 (OF 6) – Two months without this book and I miss it so much!
  • NEW AVENGERS #9 – Of all the books I’m adding to my pull list, Avengers titles are the easiest to find on the cheap.  I already have 1-5, most found in 50-cent boxes.
  • SUPERMAN #708 – Chris Sims’ review, combined with Matt’s has convinced me to check in on how Chris Roberson aims to make sense of the JMS disaster.
  • TRANSFORMERS ONGOING #1 100 PENNY PRESS ED – Yes, I will try a Transformers ongoing for a buck.
  • WOLVERINE #1000 – Marvel, just stop.  It’s not clever, it’s just a disingenuous cash grab.  It used to be that you would alternate between new #1 issues and picking up the traditional numbering every couple years, but now you’re doing it every couple months.  Knock it off and make up your mind.

That’s it for this week.  Be sure to keep up with my running pull list.  What are YOU looking at?

*AoV being a crossover in regular monthly issues where the world’s supervillains traded heroic opponents, and AA being a line-wide story through Marvel’s annuals that nobody cared about because it involved


One comment on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Matt says:

    Re: Atlantis Attacks

    Yeah, I read the back of the cards highlighting AA from Marvel Universe Series I and Series III. I don’t need to read the story. I’m good… I’m good.

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