It’s a rite of passage: the superhero battle with the giant killer robot.  Except not every robot is giant, or a killer, and for this week’s LIST we present some of those, the evil robots you’ve never heard of.
  • C.R.A.P.O. – Computer-Realized Assault Prankster – One

  • Nurserybot – driven to murder by a design flaw that gave Nurserybot rotating knives instead of hands to hold infants.

  • Curdlebot, whose laser beams sour any form of dairy product

  • Yo-Mamabot

  • Fin Fang F.O.O.M. – robotic dragon in purple underpants

  • Dance-o-tron – driven mad by the rigors of ballet and run-time error causing love of hiphop

  • P.L.I.N.K.O. – Engineered by mad scientists to excel at The Price Is Right

  • The Animatronic Hall of EVIL Presidents

  • Rubyquartzbot – Doesn’t allow you to open your eyes…EVEN A FRACTION OF AN INCH!

  • The Gorillabot army

  • C.H.I.L.L. – Kills your parents in a dark alley

*See Futurama

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