This Week’s Comics

And we’re back with this week’s look at comics that won’t be bought for 4 months!  Here’s what’s noteworthy this week.

  • AVENGERS & INFINITY GAUNTLET GN TP – I loved loved loved this series when it came out last year, and I highly recommend it.  Still, I’m curious what (if any) extra material is going to turn $12 worth of comics into a $15 TPB.
  • BATMAN #707
  • INFESTATION #1 (OF 2) – I must say, I’m pretty impressed by the guts IDW is showing by doing a crossover among licensed characters.  (And why hasn’t the Enterprise ever gone to Cybertron?  MORE CROSSOVERS!!!)
  • KILL SHAKESPEARE #1 100 PENNY PRESS ED – Because I’m cheap and can pick it up this week I’ll give it a shot.
  • MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER #3 (OF 4) – After reading the first issue, this has mercifully turned into a mini.
  • SHIELD #6 – And here’s where the story of Howard Stark, Nathaniel Richards, and Galileo wraps up.  I don’t know if I would consider this a great series, but kudos to Hickman and Marvel for trying something new.
  • THUNDERBOLTS #153 – Parker’s best book these days.  And maybe one of Marvel’s.
  • WOLVERINE #6 – Expect an ode to Jason Aaron’s Wolverine soon, as I take a look at his Manifest Destiny mini.

Last week’s 27 #3 has effectively killed off whatever remaining interest I may have had in this series.  I’ll snag the fourth and final issue next month, but if it went any further I would drop it now.  The faux-Morrison pastiche reads like Charles Soule wanted to take a run at The Invisibles.  Atomic Robo continues to impress, though, as Robo starts to grow up.  And kiss girls.

These titles get added to the ongoing pull list.  That’s it for me. What are YOU looking at?

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