This Week’s Comics

Wow, even by my looser standards of what I’m picking up these days, it’s an exceptionally light week.  Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) #4 (OF 4) – Okay, now I just want to know how this thing ends.
  • BATMAN INCORPORATED #3 – It feels like 3 months since issue #2.  Grant Morrison continues to do amazing things with this book.  I wonder if it’s been right-priced to reflect DC’s new $2.99 mandate?  (Yup.)
  • NEW AVENGERS #10 – I’ve been able to pick up the first 5 issues of this new series ant rock-bottom prices already.  Bascially, if you like what Bendis does with the Avengers this is already for you.  If not, it’s just more of the same to pass on.
  • VENOM #1 – I haven’t bought a Venom title in 15 years, but Rick Remender can convince me to pick up almost anything.  Chris Sims is usually pretty good at summing up the elevator pitch of books, which in this case is “the guy who loves Spider-Man more than anyone in the world gets bonded to the creature that hates him more than anything in the world.”  Yeah, that works for me.

These have been added to my ongoing pull list.  Now that we’ve rolled into March the pull list project is finally starting to get interesting as recent comics are start to roll into discount bins.  Last weekend I picked up a couple Heroes for Hire issues and the last issue of Shield for $.50.  Yeah, this could work.

That’s it for me.  What are YOU looking at?


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