Game Tape

Old business: I also picked up some Heroes for Hire after issue #1 was included at the back of the last Avengers issue. It’s a good solid read. I’m not ready to put it on the pull list, but I am curious enough to see how this first “arc” ends. Like the better titles these days, each issue is neither a true done-in-one, nor is it a single piece of Bendis style wait-for-the trade story either. Each of the four issues has told a strong single story while weaving pieces of an over-arching theme. Abnett and Lanning are doing a fantastic job here. If you’re not reading it, pick it up when you find it in the quarter bins… even though it’s worth the full cover price.

Nick Spencer’s Morning Glories from Image proved to be an enjoyable read too. There’s mystery, mayhem, and teen smarminess. It’s worth picking up the first trade, but now I have to remember to look for the individual issues as they come out. Life sure is rough sometimes.

New Business:

Comic Book Comics #5

Comic Book Comics #5 was a bit of an impulse buy. There was one on the table, and I had just read an article about it on CBR. Van Lente and Dunlavey did a brilliant job with Action Philosphers!, and they’re handling the history and personalities of comic books with equal skill and humor. This particular issue deals with the famous and infamous copyright disputes. It also serves as a nice primer on copyright law and the changes that have occurred over the history of comics. Naturally, it covers the Superman disputes as well as how Marvel has dicked over Jack Kirby. It also handles the Marvelman/Miracleman business as well as the lesser known Air Pirates dispute with Disney. Now for the part where Jesse’s going to choke. The cover price is $3.95 and the book feels thin. BUT IT ISN’T. There are no ads. None. More over, it’s a dense book for it’s size. This is story concentrate. I left it feeling as though I read a full TPB. My recommendation for this one is bite the bullet and pick up the individual issues; then pick up the trade because it’ll be full of extra story.

Doom Patrol is always entertaining, but it rarely rises to the level of comment worthy. Issue #20 is an exception to that condition. The Patrol is on the ropes having been exiled from Oolong in the last issue. They’re heroes without home, and it’s just hit them that the rest of the world views them as probable terrorists. This issue has especially smart dialogue, and there’s a fun scene between Negative Man and Batman (Dick). Just a hint of the JL’s Bwa-ha-ha. It’s a shame that this title is ending; the team is finally being handled properly after so long. DC just doesn’t seem to have room for the weird and irreverent.

Transformers #17 was dumb. I praised the writers a few issues ago for giving Megatron a truly novel and brilliant scheme: one in which he just had to sit back and let chaos ensue. Two issues later we get a return of gloating monologuing Megatron… ironically gloating that he’s above gloating. Then there’s the last page with Jazz. Seriously? I’m pretty sure I’m done with this book.

Batman Inc. #3 Sees Batbruce in South America meeting with some unexpected opposition and a deathtrap. Two issue arcs aren’t bad, but, as Jesse pointed out on Monday, the stretches between books is a bit much.


2 comments on “Game Tape

  1. Jesse says:

    I’ve read the first three issues of H4H, too, and have enjoyed them a lot. I’m with you: it’s really solid, but not quite enough is there to add to the pull list yet. I really dig this arc’s villain, too, for no good reason.

    I cut the indie books slack on the $4 Rule, so I’ll definitely pick Comic Book Comics up when I make it in to my LCS.

  2. […] GLORIES #8 – Matt just reviewed the Morning Glories TPB, and I just started it myself.  I’m not far in, but it feels like it will be a cool […]

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