The Case of the Missing LIST

Batman solves a lot of crime.  I mean, a LOT.  But not everything is a Case of the Laughing Fish.  Some are lost kitties (yes, he does that too) or pro-bono key-finding.  Here are some of the best-forgotten cases of The Batman and — SPOILER ALERT! — their resolutions.

  • The Mystery of the Missing Chet Atkins Record – given to Goodwill

  • Who Used the Last of the Toothpaste – Larry

  • The Mischief Making Bags of Flaming Poop at Wayne Manor – The Joker’s lesser known brother Reggie was behind this one in an attempt to make a name for himself.

  • Who put the empty OJ container back in the fridge – still unsolved

  • The Missing Library Book Conundrum – Superman picked it up with his stuff last time he was at the Batcave

  • The Case of the Neon Batmobile – Joel Schumacher (’nuff said)

  • The Case of the Box at the Back of the Refrigerator – Three month old hummus… this case was actually preceded by Batman and the Food Poisoning Induced Projectile Vomitting.

  • The Disappearance of Encyclopedia Brown – The kid was asking too many questions to the wrong people

  • Dick and Babs meet The Shocker – not the Spider-man villain

  • The Case of Natty Light – someone had a sad party

  • What the hell was THAT??? – solved by kryptonite lysol

  • Dick and Damian in the Mysterious Pay-per-View charges – It was Bruce


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