This Week’s Comics

Still running a bit behind, but here are the noteworthy comics I’m looking at coming out TODAY.

  • BATMAN #708
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS BATMAN IRRESISTIBLE #1 – This will still need the flip test, since I don’t recall any story arc called Irresistible, but it may be worth it.
  • KNIGHT & SQUIRE #6 (OF 6) – Along with Thunderbolts, this is the book I’m jonesing for the most.  It has been an incredible ride, and is highly recommended.  Just as a reminder, each issue has been a standalone, so don’t worry about jumping in late.
  • MORNING GLORIES #8 – Matt just reviewed the Morning Glories TPB, and I just started it myself.  I’m not far in, but it feels like it will be a cool ride.
  • RUSE #1 (OF 4) – I didn’t read all of this former Crossgen title, but I  read a fair amount and was very impressed with it.  Mark Waid and cover artist Butch Guise are back, and I’m very excited for this one.
  • SUPERMAN #709
  • THUNDERBOLTS #155 – See also Knight & Squire and Jeff Parker Can’t Lose

My running pull list has been updated.  That’s it for this week.  What are YOU looking at?


One comment on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Cooldude says:

    Yes Knight and Squire is highly recommended. Too bad it’s the last!

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