Where the elite meet to eat

If you’re ever in Metropolis, it’s worth eating at Planet Krypton for the kitch factor. The food’s not bad, but man oh man, it’s a real feast for the eyes. Naturally, it’s a superhero themed restaurant, and the menu reflect this. Bon Apetite!

All-Star Appetizers

Maxwell Lord Appetizer (recently removed from the menu) – a platter of fried turkey necks with the house’s Wonder Whip for dipping.

Scarlet Speedster – a red chili served with toasted bread rounds.

The Reverse-Flash – green chile with untoasted bread squares

The Fires of Apokolips – the Scarlet Speedster with a special habanero kick to it.

Elseworld Entree’s

Seven Soldiers of Victory – seven broiled beef tenderloin medallions with either a Pre-Crisis garlic butter or a Post-Crisis ginger-teriyaki glaze. 

The Deadman Special – slow cooked Boston butt pork roast served with a spicy apple sauce or the Rama Kushna chutney.

Aquaman and Qwisp – Our famous take on fish ‘n chips!

The Green Lanternfish – Pan-sauteed with seared spinach and green beans (cannot substitute yellow squash)

The Dark Knight Detective – Mystery Meat

Sensational Sides

The Green Arrow’s Quiver – braised asparagus drizzled with a Hollandaise sauce.

House of Mystery Salad

Great Caesar’s Ghost Salad!

Captain Carrot’s Children’s Menu and Activity Page

The Captain Marvel – grilled ham and cheese sandwich served with a side of macaroni and cheese and a glass of milk.

Aqualad and Qwisp

DC Comics Presents Desserts

The Mr. Freeze – Nitrogen-frozen vanilla ice cream milkshake

The Fire and Ice Sundae – Habanero Ice Cream with nuts and whipped cream

Demon’s Food Cake – A dessert so sinful, you won’t regret by the spoonful, a decadent chocolate, enough for you and your mate.

Detective Drinks

The Martian Manhattan

The Booster Cuervo Gold

The Bat-tini

Dr. Bud Light

Green Lantern’s Lite


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