Where the elite meet to eat

If you’re ever in Metropolis, it’s worth eating at Planet Krypton for the kitch factor. The food’s not bad, but man oh man, it’s a real feast for the eyes. Naturally, it’s a superhero themed restaurant, and the menu reflect this. Bon Apetite!

All-Star Appetizers

Maxwell Lord Appetizer (recently removed from the menu) – a platter of fried turkey necks with the house’s Wonder Whip for dipping.

Scarlet Speedster – a red chili served with toasted bread rounds.

The Reverse-Flash – green chile with untoasted bread squares

The Fires of Apokolips – the Scarlet Speedster with a special habanero kick to it.

Elseworld Entree’s

Seven Soldiers of Victory – seven broiled beef tenderloin medallions with either a Pre-Crisis garlic butter or a Post-Crisis ginger-teriyaki glaze. 

The Deadman Special – slow cooked Boston butt pork roast served with a spicy apple sauce or the Rama Kushna chutney.

Aquaman and Qwisp – Our famous take on fish ‘n chips!

The Green Lanternfish – Pan-sauteed with seared spinach and green beans (cannot substitute yellow squash)

The Dark Knight Detective – Mystery Meat

Sensational Sides

The Green Arrow’s Quiver – braised asparagus drizzled with a Hollandaise sauce.

House of Mystery Salad

Great Caesar’s Ghost Salad!

Captain Carrot’s Children’s Menu and Activity Page

The Captain Marvel – grilled ham and cheese sandwich served with a side of macaroni and cheese and a glass of milk.

Aqualad and Qwisp

DC Comics Presents Desserts

The Mr. Freeze – Nitrogen-frozen vanilla ice cream milkshake

The Fire and Ice Sundae – Habanero Ice Cream with nuts and whipped cream

Demon’s Food Cake – A dessert so sinful, you won’t regret by the spoonful, a decadent chocolate, enough for you and your mate.

Detective Drinks

The Martian Manhattan

The Booster Cuervo Gold

The Bat-tini

Dr. Bud Light

Green Lantern’s Lite

Game Tape

This has been a light week; only two books on the pull list, but four managed to make it home.

I’m going to get the worst of the week out of the way first. Superman #709 puts us in Boulder, CO. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a single line of comic dialogue. In a phone call between Kal and Lois he says of Boulder, “It reminds me of Smallville.” Would that be the prevalence of hippies, homeless, or marijuana dispensaries? The art indicates that their only reference was pictures of the Pearl St. Mall and probably Spruce St. So it was off to a lame start. Speaking of art, Barry has a ridiculous (read: psychotic) grin on his face. This wasn’t a particularly good issue. Story-wise, there’s a weird Kryptonian dingus affecting Barry and Boulder; there’s a talk about the importance and comfort that a legacy can offer, and there’s another revision of some of JMS’s work at the beginning of the story (not necessarily bad, but poorly handled). It’s pretty dull. Oh, and remember the new Super Chief from 52? Neither did I, but he’s here briefly.

Fear Itself: Book of the Skull #1 was derivativeof several movies (“Evil Dead”, the Indiana Jones series, and the Hellboy movies to name a few), but it was fast-paced enough to be interesting. If nothing else, it explains the origins of the Asgardian hammers that we’ve seen in the teaser images. Suffice it to say that Sin has daddy issues. I’m not sure I’ll be picking up this event book after all.

Loki #4 ended in the only way it could. This issue showed a potential connection to Fear Itself. Loki emphasized several times that he’d rather be feared than anything else. It’s never borne the logo, but it does make sense.

In the final analysis, this was a pretty ho-hum week with Thunderbolts getting shorted at my LCS.

This Week’s Comics

Still running a bit behind, but here are the noteworthy comics I’m looking at coming out TODAY.

  • BATMAN #708
  • DC COMICS PRESENTS BATMAN IRRESISTIBLE #1 – This will still need the flip test, since I don’t recall any story arc called Irresistible, but it may be worth it.
  • KNIGHT & SQUIRE #6 (OF 6) – Along with Thunderbolts, this is the book I’m jonesing for the most.  It has been an incredible ride, and is highly recommended.  Just as a reminder, each issue has been a standalone, so don’t worry about jumping in late.
  • MORNING GLORIES #8 – Matt just reviewed the Morning Glories TPB, and I just started it myself.  I’m not far in, but it feels like it will be a cool ride.
  • RUSE #1 (OF 4) – I didn’t read all of this former Crossgen title, but I  read a fair amount and was very impressed with it.  Mark Waid and cover artist Butch Guise are back, and I’m very excited for this one.
  • SUPERMAN #709
  • THUNDERBOLTS #155 – See also Knight & Squire and Jeff Parker Can’t Lose

My running pull list has been updated.  That’s it for this week.  What are YOU looking at?

The Case of the Missing LIST

Batman solves a lot of crime.  I mean, a LOT.  But not everything is a Case of the Laughing Fish.  Some are lost kitties (yes, he does that too) or pro-bono key-finding.  Here are some of the best-forgotten cases of The Batman and — SPOILER ALERT! — their resolutions.

  • The Mystery of the Missing Chet Atkins Record – given to Goodwill

  • Who Used the Last of the Toothpaste – Larry

  • The Mischief Making Bags of Flaming Poop at Wayne Manor – The Joker’s lesser known brother Reggie was behind this one in an attempt to make a name for himself.

  • Who put the empty OJ container back in the fridge – still unsolved

  • The Missing Library Book Conundrum – Superman picked it up with his stuff last time he was at the Batcave

  • The Case of the Neon Batmobile – Joel Schumacher (’nuff said)

  • The Case of the Box at the Back of the Refrigerator – Three month old hummus… this case was actually preceded by Batman and the Food Poisoning Induced Projectile Vomitting.

  • The Disappearance of Encyclopedia Brown – The kid was asking too many questions to the wrong people

  • Dick and Babs meet The Shocker – not the Spider-man villain

  • The Case of Natty Light – someone had a sad party

  • What the hell was THAT??? – solved by kryptonite lysol

  • Dick and Damian in the Mysterious Pay-per-View charges – It was Bruce