This Week’s Comics

I think my experiment is leading me to take more chances on indie books I’m allowing myself to try, which is good, but I also think it signifies how frustrated I’m getting by not buying new comics every week.  Here’s what I’m looking at this week.

  • BUTCHER BAKER RIGHTEOUS MAKER #2 – The Onion’s review of this one convinced me to give this one a shot.
  • GI JOE COBRA #1 100 PENNY PRESS – I’m digging the IDW 100 Penny Press issues, and I enjoyed the reprint of Marvel’s #1, but I’ve been wanting to check out of the more recent Joe issues because of Matt’s reviews.  So here’s a great chance! WIN.
  • INFINITE VACATION #2 – I missed #1, but I’m happy to give a new Nick Spencer series a shot.
  • SHIELD INFINITY – If this is a continuation of the Hickman series I’m in.
  • SUPERMAN #710
  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #7 – I’m almost completely caught up on Rick Remender’s X-Force series and enjoying it immensely.  Even though I like Remender’s work in it’s own right, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Jason Aaron.  Random aside: Why did Marvel put the .1 issue in the middle of a story arc?  Sure it’s a good jumping on point, but if it convinces you to pick up the series when you pick up the next issue you wind up smack-dab in the middle of a story arc, thereby negating the whole point.

Last week I picked up the first issue of Blue Estate.  A noir detective story that so far features no detecting, is intriguing enough to check out the next few issues to see if it goes anywhere.  Soft-boiled detective Roy Devine, Jr appears to be riding a famous name through life and not doing much with it, but much like The Dude appears to be drifting into waters over his head.*  Amazing art by Nathan Fox (and a bunch of other guys…seriously, there are a ton of people in the art credits) is a welcome presence after Dark Reign: Zodiac, and his Paul Pope-inspired linework is probably enough to keep me coming back even if the story turns out to be a letdown.

In other news, when will I ever learn that no matter how much I think the Moon Knight arc I’m about to pick up will be the good one I’ve been waiting for, it never is.  And never will be.

I’ve updated my running pull list for this week. What are YOU looking at?

*Please submit your own cliches in the comments section.

One comment on “This Week’s Comics

  1. Matt says:

    If it’s not on your radar, you need to be picking up cheap Secret Warriors issues. Hickman’s woven a crazy spy-master tale, and he’s incorporating elements from S.H.I.E.L.D.. Definitely worth a dollar or two from the cheap bins.

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