This Week’s Comics

Wow!  There’s a ton of stuff worth checking out this week.  Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • ACTION COMICS #900 – The return of Superman!
  • ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN WOLVERINE ANOTHER FINE MESS #1 – As long as Jason Aaron is working on this, I’m onboard. I’ve also had really good luck picking this title up for a buck.
  • AVENGERS #12.1
  • BATMAN INCORPORATED #5 – More Morrison!
  • FF #2 – I miss some Hickman FF…
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #2 – The first issue was so good I think I’m onboard.  But now I’m curious what Matt thought about it.
  • INFESTATION CVO 100 PG SPECTACULAR – Zombies are pretty played out right now, but I’m curious enough to see how IDW strings a non-crossover crossover across it’s disparate lines that I’m likely to check this out.
  • SECRET AVENGERS #12.1 – Should the .1 issue really be coming out on the same day as a regular issue?
  • SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK BY JOHN BYRNE TP VOL 01 – I won’t be picking this one up, but Byrne’s She-Hulk is hilarious, well-written and drawn, and set the groundwork for the character that marvel uses to this day. It’s well worth checking out if you like humor with your superheroics, though it’s probably cheaper to pick up the individual issues if you’re so inclined.

That’s it for this week.  I’ve updated my running pull list with this week’s comics and some discount books I’ve picked up.  What are YOU looking at?

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