The List goes GREEN

What are superheroes and villains doing to go green in the 21st century?

Man-Thing tapped as First Lady's expert on school nutrition.

Heat Wave retires due to Global Warming concerns.

Captain Cold retires due to Global Cooling concerns.

Apokolips fire pits no longer burn old growth forests.

Unstable molecules now made from 100% post consumer products.

Carbon footprint of all LexCorp doomsday devices and killer robots now equivalent to that of three iPods.

Aquaman not standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open deciding what he wants to eat.

1% of each heist given to microlending in developing economies

Wayne Foundation now planting 1 tree for every tooth knocked out by a member of Batman, Inc.

Iron-Man suits now run on grain alcohol.

Villain costumes no longer green and purple, now green and green.

Latveria abandons oil for a magic based economy. While no longer producing greenhouse gasses, magic based cars only get 20 miles to the spell.

Avengers' Mansion no longer powered by burning tires.

Spider-Man’s webbing now derrived from eco-friendly hemp.

Medusa to stop using aerosol hairspray.

All speedsters sign a pledge to stop contributing the the eventual heat death of the universe.

Nightcrawler to retire his signature “BAMF” and cloud of brimstone.

Lois Lane now using both sides of the pages of her notebook.

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