How I spent my Summer X-cation

School has ended, Memorial Day has come and gone; thus begins the unofficial start to summer. Like students and teachers across the country, the faculty and student body of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters are especially looking forward to the free time and fun ahead. Here are some of their plans.

Kitty Pryde – following Phish on tour or Space Camp… maybe both

Havok – crying

Husk – touring Civil War sites across the United States, attending Tea Party rallies, promoting states’ rights

Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl and Charles Xavier – plan to come back from the dead.  Or die.  Whichever one applies this summer.

Thunderbird – still being dead

Gambit – perfecting his accent by studying “Swamp People”

Colossus – re-reading The Fountainhead

Cipher – hosting a local cable access show called “You too can speak… with Doug Ramsey”

Banshee – touring with a U2 tribute band.


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