This Week’s Comics

Fun stuff this week!  Here’s what I’m looking at this time around.

  • 100 PENNY PRESS TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS #1 – I’m sure I’ve got anything IDW may reprint from the Marvel run, but I feel an obligation to support the $1 books I’m interested in.
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #25 – Is it strange that I’m thinking about stopping all of DC’s books seeing as how they “won’t matter” in a couple months?  
  • BLUE ESTATE #4 – I’ve given up on this one.  It started out as an intriguing noir title, but from month to month I’m confused about what’s happening and feel like the real scoop is on their web site. Thanks but no thanks.
  • FEAR ITSELF #4 and FLASHPOINT #3 – The summer event onslaught continues.
  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS #4 – I’m anticipating this will be my favorite book of the week.  Love, love, love Kingdom of Monsters!
  • HULK #36 and THUNDERBOLTS #160 – Well, any week that has two Jeff Parker books coming out is a good one.

I haven’t read any of the new titles I picked up last week, instead getting almost current on Action Comics.  Expect word of that one soon.

For reals, I’ve updated my pull list spreadsheet to show all of the books I’ve been picking up lately.  I had gotten a bit behind in updating it, but I’ve also been picking up just about everything I’m looking for.  Action took longer than I’d hoped, but so far the only book I’m having real trouble with is FF (Which is killing me). Although, maybe it’s just the excuse I need to snag them as collections instead.

That’s it for me.  Don’t forget this week’s comics are still coming out on Wednesday.  What are YOU looking at?


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