Game Tape

It was surprisingly difficult to tear myself away from Batman: Arkham Asylum in order to buy, read, and review comics. Yet here we are.

Not much stood out this week. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this week was the end of the beginning for the Big 2’s summer events. This week’s Fear Itself  and  Flashpoint were fairly standard boiler-plate as events go. Although there was an interesting moment with Tony Stark. Also, if you read Flashpoint before you read the Batman spin-off, there’s a clue to the identity of the Joker. Both Thunderbolts and Heroes for Hire tied in to FI. Basically, everyone is trying to get a handle on this event that’s so large in scale that they can’t fathom it. Okay, but not worth more than three sentences worth of review.

Speaking of events, IDW’s GI JOE books are still working out well. This week’s installment in the main book shows other writers how to put your hero on the ropes without seeming too cliche. Surprising for someone as recently unremarkable as Chuck Dixon. Whether you’re a fan of the cartoon/ Marvel series or not, this COBRA CIVIL WAR event will be worth it in the trades when they come out.

The big winner this week was Secret Six #35. After going through Hell, Gail Simone gives the team a new resolve via Bane. The readers are reminded that he’s more than just muscle with a drug problem. He’s got a plan, and he’s got everyone on board. This is going to be a heck of a way to end the series with the next issue. Also of note, it turns out that Simone writes a pitch perfect Burgess Meredith. There are some good character moments there in as the team recruits a seventh member. If you’ve thought of picking the book up before, this is a perfect jumping on point…even if the end is nigh.


Well gang, that wraps it up for this week. I’m off to put the kibosh on the Joker’s plans.

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