Game Tape

Two Hickman books this week! Surely this week’s Game Tape is going to be a love letter to Jonathan Hickman… yeah… not so much. The best thing about this week was a Hickman book, so was the worst.

Fact: I hate anything involving the Kree. Focusing a book on the Kree, Shi’ Ar, or the Brood is the fastest way to put me to sleep. For no discernible reasons, Hickman devotes the entirety (no hyperbole here) of FF #6 to rehashing Marvel’s War of Kings. Everything happens in space and most of it is on the Kree home world. This issue slams the brakes on the forward motion of the arc. There actually isn’t a single member of the FF in this issue. I trust Hickman enough to believe this seeming stumble is part of a larger, better, whole, but this was the worst issue of his run on Fantastic Four. In fairness, the story craft is still there. It’s just that a. I hate Marvel space stories and b. there had to be a better way to tell the events of this issue without stopping the narrative cold.

Red Wing, on the other hand, is shaping up to be a good tale. Basically, Hickman + time travel = I’m in. Of note here, the artist’s (Nick Pitarra) style is heavily influenced by Frank Quietly. Until looking at the credits, I was convinced Quietly had done the cover. Good start, I’m looking forward to the rest.

Three other books this week, and they’re Flashpoint related. First, Citizen Cold #2. Meh sums it up just about right. There’s a fight with the other Rogues, there’s a creepy sort of dinner/ date with Iris. Ho-hum.

Booster vs. Doomsday in Booster Gold #46. I know since time is screwed up that by default Booster has to be involved, it just would have been nice if the series were to end with a few of the loose ends tied up. We still don’t know who Rip’s mother is. What about the Degaton/ Desparo team-up that was hinted at way back at the beginning of the series. Instead, Booster is relegated to a mediocre story involving the Flashpoint universe. Way to serve the fans DC. I wish I had a time sphere so that I could un-buy the issue. With this soft reboot coming out in September, I am seriously re-evaluating my status as a citizen of the DC Nation. I know this wasn’t much of a review for this issue, but it highlights the problem. Besides, what can you say about a book where Doomsday punches Booster while fending off feeble attacks for 20 pages?

Lastly is a book I’m enjoying. Lemire’s Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown has been the most enjoyable Flashpoint book. I think I’m liking it because it doesn’t have to be a FP title. Both the plot plot and the could feasibly happen in the DCU proper. The cast of characters has proven to be both interesting and worthy of sympathy. If there’s a down side it’s that they closely resemble the Doom Patrol sans Chief. Liking Doom Patrol though, this isn’t really an issue.

Not a great week for books, but I’ve had worse. I guess the hardest blow was the lackluster FF.

Still, there’s HP 7.5 coming out this weekend.


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