Soup’s On!

Let’s face it: the powers never go away, but there comes a point in every metahuman’s life when he or she just isn’t as productive any more.  Or maybe it’s just time to retire and enjoy the finer things in life.  Either way, those young whippersnappers don’t want you hanging out at the Hall of Justice all day, talking about the good ol’ days or retelling the same story about the time you


In that vein, we here at the L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog present Activities for the Active Super-Senior.

  • VFC Hall (Veterans of Foreign Crises)

  • Canastaroid M

  • The Fortress of Shuffleboard

  • Xavier’s Home for Gifted Oldsters

  • The Hall of Early Bird Specials

  • The Museum of Super-Grandkids

  • Latveria – the Southern Florida of Eastern Europe

  • Ma and Pa Kent’s Super Deli

  • The Silver Age Retirement community – “Spend Your Golden Age With Us!”

  • Elder Hostile, a tour group for retired villains


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