Two Weeks’ Comics

We’ve been a bit behind due to the biannual L.E.M.U.R. Comics Blog shareholders meeting, sorry everyone.  We’re ready to dive back in, though, with This (and Last) Week’s Comics, so there’s a lot to look at. Let’s dive in.

  • ATOMIC ROBO TP VOL 05 DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE – If you missed out on the issues when they came out, don’t miss out on this collection!
  • AVENGERS #15 – I’m not too far in to the Adjectiveless Avengers run, but it’s not really doing a lot for me.  I’m not sure how long to keep this one on the list.
  • BATMAN #712
  • DAREDEVIL #1 – I’ve been fairly nonplussed with events in the Daredevil titles for the past few years, but it’s Mark Waid, and that’s got to count for something.  His War Rocket Ajax appearance helped seal the deal, though.
  • DC RETROACTIVE BATMAN THE 70S #1, DC RETROACTIVE THE FLASH THE 70S #1, and DC RETROACTIVE WONDER WOMAN THE 70S #1 – I’m digging the concept of the Retroactive titles, where DC reunites classic creative teams (where they can) and tells retro stories, so yeah, they’ll go on the list.
  • DC RETROACTIVE GREEN LANTERN THE 70S #1, DC RETROACTIVE JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA THE 70S #1, and DC RETROACTIVE SUPERMAN THE 70S #1 – I haven’t picked up last week’s batch of Retroactive books, but they looked exactly like what you’d want.
  • DISNEY MUPPETS PRESENTS MEET MUPPETS #1 – I hope Marvel/Disney does as good a job with these as Boom! Studios did.  Fortunately, by startingoff with a “lost” Langridge tale they’re off to a good start.
  • FF #7 – I finally picked up numbers 2-4, but unfortunately I can’t dive into them until I wrap up Fantastic Four and find FF #1.
  • HERC #5 – I’m a couple issues in on the new Hercules title and it’s okay, but has lost too much of the sheer joy that made Incredible Hercules a must-read.  This one may stop at the end of the first arc.
  • HULK #37

  • UNCANNY X-FORCE #12 – One of the few books I’m totally caught up on, and I’m loving it!  Having the team travel to the Age of Apocalypse timeline was a great idea by Rick Remender.
  • VENOM #5
  • VENOM FLASHPOINT #1 – Wait…What???
  • WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS AFTERMATH #1 (OF 2) – I don’t normally go for the prequel or wrap-up books (especially if they’re mini-series), but if I’m not paying cover price, why not?
  • X-MEN SCHISM #2 (OF 5)

I’m also 2 weeks behind on my reading; the only book I’ve read yet is Marksmen, a new title from Image that was priced just for me at a buck.  It was a pretty forgettable read, though.  The post-apocalyptic wasteland seemed pretty tailor-made for me, but even though I can tell writer David Baxter and artist Javier Aranda  have some definitely talent, it could stand to be a bit more polished.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll get significantly more reading in for next week.  What are YOU looking at?


2 comments on “Two Weeks’ Comics

  1. Matt says:

    After such a long time, I still kind of care about Moore’s LoEG III #2 coming this week. I’m nervous at the $9.95 though.

    • Jesse says:

      I completely missed that. I have issue 1 and Black Dossier but haven’t read either one yet. Is this 1969?

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