A Challenge For Michael Bay Apologists

While looking up Transformers on the Internet earlier to day, Toys R Us happened to conveniently prove (one of) my point about the movie Transformers being hideous and dumb monsters.  I kindly draw your attention to two pictures below.  One is of a robot that is obviously both humanoid and airplane, so well constructed that both are obvious and yet neither mode imposes itself upon the other.  The other image is of some sort of triangle with spindly legs attached somehow, a disaster of modern engineering.

Seriously, why would we prefer the Bay designs over the classics?

If you’re able to explain the appeal of these designs, hit us up in the comments section and share.

2 comments on “A Challenge For Michael Bay Apologists

  1. Matt says:

    Is it that they look more alien and menacing as invaders?

    With the almost uniform grey color scheme of the Decepticons in the first and second movies, I found these designs made it difficult to tell which alien robot was which.

  2. DYC says:

    The Bay designs forced some really interesting transformations after the first wave of movie toys. The Seekers have been really fun to transform for ROTF and DOTM. I think it’s a nice to touch that the Decepticons are monsterous in robot form.

    That said, there’s no excuse for the Autobots having such hideous head sculpts or the tangled piece of plastic that is ROTF Arcee/Chromia/Elita-1.

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