Never-ending Battle

Recently Jesse paid a rare visit to the land of his birth. Due to scheduling demands, we only made it to one comic book store. Never the less, it was a trip to a comic shop worth making.

Jesse and Hoyt might recall a post from 2009 about the search for books important to a/my personal collection. I referred to such books as “grail books.”

Imagine my joy when I walked into that shop to find this gem from 1977

The nigh-impossible to find DC Special #29. As a collector of JSA stories, I’ve been looking for this book for a long time. A week ago yesterday, the clouds parted, a light shone from on high, and I was finally able to read the secret origin of the Justice Society of America. It was a good day, but, as I said before, the hunt continues. I’ve got other grail books to find.

Happy Hunting.

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