Game Tape

It’s been a week of disappointments in comic books for me although there were some shining moments.

We’ll start with the worst and work our way up.

Disney Muppets Presents Meet the Muppets was the biggest Muppet related disappointment since “Muppets from Space.” I had read on several news sites that this would feature a previously unpublished Muppet story by Roger Langridge. NOT TRUE. Instead, it’s a magazine size reprint of the first volume. Granted, it’s a good deal if you don’t have those stories: 96 pages for $5.99. It’s just a big let down since I’ve been looking forward to new material. Also, it’s an odd size. It’s too small for a tabloid bag and too big for a normal bag. I foresee giving this one away to one of my many friends with children. Harrumph!

If I never see another penis drawn by Kevin O’Neill, I will consider mine a well lived life. As mentioned in the comments section of This Week’s Comics, the latest chapter of League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen is out. 1969. An over abundance of grotesquely drawn penises. Sex, Drugs, and rock and roll. It’s surprisingly too cramped and busy for a story that doesn’t really have much meat to it. Basically, the trio has to stop an antichrist from being born, and it happens slowly and in a dull fashion. How is it that a stand alone story can feel like nothing but middle? I’m not enjoying this volume as much as the last two. Of the original quintet, we’re left with the two least interesting characters: Mina Harkness and Allan Quartermain. Plus we’re saddled with Orlando who seems to only add more sex to the book. 

Next up is the still thoroughly unfantastic FF. What the hell? The rest of the story that sees a return of Black Bolt. No actual FF action. I’m dying to see how this pays off, because it bears the stench of fill-in material from War of Kings.

The final disappointment of the week is also Hickman related. This week marks the end of  Secret Warriors. I hate to see this series end so soon. Over the course of twenty-eight issues, Jonathan Hickman and company have crafted an amazingly intricate tale of espionage. The final arc is titled “Wheels within wheels.” Frankly, that’s probably the best way to explain the whole series. From a writing standpoint, this run was remarkable because of it’s intricacy and it’s economy. No plot thread was left unwoven, and every character/ every scene served a purpose in the greater whole of the story. This economy and skill at planning of Hickman’s is what maintains my faith that I didn’t just waste $7.98 on two shitty FF issues about boring spacemen.

Action Comics is now one issue away from it’s end. It’s building to be quite a good end too… not Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? good, but good none the less. Cornell’s Superman is the one I’ve been looking for. He is forced to think his way out of problems, and he punches things… in this case, Doomsdays. It’s been rare in the last 15 years for a writer to give Superman both of these challenges. Morrison aside, if Superman couldn’t solve the problem with one punch, he punched it again or cried about it. Well done and thank you, Paul Cornell. Too bad you’re not handling the Man of Steel post-relaunch/reboot.



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