This Week’s Comics

Man, it’s an especially light week this time around.  Here’s this week’s noteworthy releases.

  • AVENGERS #16
  • BATMAN #713
  • DAREDEVIL #2 – Man, everyone I know who read Daredevil #1 said it was amazing.  High recommendations for this one.
  • DC RETROACTIVE BATMAN THE 90S #1, DC RETROACTIVE THE FLASH THE 90S #1, and DC RETROACTIVE WONDER WOMAN THE 90S #1 – Well, they can’t POSSIBLY be worse than the titles originally published during the 90’s.
  • GLADSTONES SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS #4 – This book just gets better and better.  Rather than focusing on light one-offs Mark Andrew Smith and Armand Villvert are revealing a rich backstory here.
  • HULK #39 – I recently picked up the last issue I was missing before I could start reading Parker’s first year.  Can’t wait to finally dive in!
  • VENOM #6
  • X-MEN SCHISM #3 (OF 5)

Well, that’s it for this week.  Stay tuned this weekend as Matt and I look at DC’s 52 new titles.  What are YOU looking at?


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