Game Tape

This week was a crazy light week. It’s become rare for me to leave the shop with less than five books. In the spirit of this light load, here are some light and healthy reviews.

Thunderbolts #162 does a good job of setting up the status quo for the post Fear Itself world. Team B uses the Chicago invasion as the perfect opportunity to skeedaddle. There’s also a great splash page near the end of the book.

I’ve been bad mouthing Bendis over his lazy and poorly conceived talking head issues of Avengers for a few months. To his, and the book’s, credit, issues 15 & 16 have worked in this format. Partly, it’s because he’s stopped jumping around through time interviewing Avengers from different eras. Mostly though, the balance between showing and telling has shifted toward showing more. With autumn coming, this book will be falling from my list.

Huh… not much of a week at all. I did get in a shipment of books from one of the larger internet retailers recently though, so I guess I’ll spend the next week finishing my NFL Super Pro and Angel Love runs. Look for a post on one or both of those series in the not too distant future. Until then, gaze into and sit in quiet contemplation of the single greatest panel in comic book history.


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