IT CAME FROM THE LONGBOXES: In which our hero fights a ninja.

I’m not a football fan, but damn if I don’t love me some NFL SuperPro.  This is one of those areas of my collection that: a. I’m hard pressed to justify to my comic collecting friends, and b. I know no one will be fighting over when I die. With that in mind, this week’s return of IT CAME FROM THE LONGBOXES features an examination of NFL SuperPro #2.

For those of you who may have forgotten or were blissfully ignorant heretofore, SuperPro is an NFL player turned sports reporter who gained Captain America like heightened strength, speed, and agility after inhaling the fumes chemicals mixed with burning film canisters from the 40’s or 50’s. Through circumstances to lengthy to explain here, he also acquires a durable and experimental football uniform. He uses these powers and the suit to fight crime. Now that you’re caught up, let’s have a look at the issue.

#2 brings our hero (Phil Grayfield) to Miami to do a piece on a community center run by a Dolphins player. The player ends up in the hospital after being shot, so naturally SuperPro has to investigate this incident. It’s at this point that he encounters a football player turned NINJA ASSASSIN named Quick Kick. Here’s the crazy part: Quick Kick was once a teammate of Grayfield/ SuperPro back in college. The guy straight-up hates our hero so the rest of the book is some sweet football player on ninja action. Throw in an illegal arms shipment and you’ve got yourself the makings of a good time.

As great as it is, the last page is what seals the deal for this issue. We see the luxury penthouse of a gangster as he menacingly previews the next issue for the reader.

Good times, good times. Seriously, every collection needs some SuperPro. Odds are pretty good that you can find it for less than cover too. It’s been relegated to quarter bins since about 1993.

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