School Supply LIST

It’s that time of year again when the aisles of stores are filled with parents and children filling baskets with school supplies. This week we look at the sorts of items a young mutant might need at the start of a new school year at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. In addition, we’ve got a look at mutant related summer reading assignments.


3 lint roller refills (give to Dr. McCoy)

4 rolls of aluminum foil (used to make anti-telepathic helmets)

3 Danger Room uniforms (please purchase only from Richards Unstable Molecules Inc) Acceptable colors: yellow/black or yellow/blue

1 package kazoos, for Dazzler’s weekly music class.  Auto-Harp will be shared by the class

Students must bring enough adult diapers to make it through the first two weeks of Danger Room sessions

One dufflebag (green, khaki, or leather) for running away from school.

Three pint jars of salve… your muscles will thank you.


Mutant Like Me

The Importance of Being Hank


Love in the Time of Techno-Organic Virus

The Autobiography of Professor X (forward by Alex Haley)

100 Decades of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Cable


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