From the Horse’s mouth – The LIST

Autobiographies and memoirs are a common staple at book stores here on Earth Prime; it’s no different on any of the other Earths in the multitude of Multiverses

Urban Spaceman, the life and times of Adam Strange

Get It On, Bang a Gong: Kanjar Ro and the JLA, by Kanjar Ro with Snapper Carr

The Pre-Crisis Best Seller: Don’t Call Me Chief!, by Perry White (1967)

The Post-Crisis Best Seller: Call Me Chief! by Perry White (1987)

Leech, A Life in Pictures

A Little Fat Nothing Named Herbie – Herbert J. Popnecker

Riddle Me This: A Puzzling Life, by E. Nigma

The Cat’s Meow, by Selina Kyle with an Introduction by Patience Phillips

To Me, My Filthy Assistants!, by Spider Jerusalem

The Gold Standard, by Booster Gold


One comment on “From the Horse’s mouth – The LIST

  1. Saint Walker says:

    Upon reading this list, I have discovered that the voice of Booster Gold has been permanently replaced in my head by that of Matt Frewer (which for some reason is the voice I remember from DCUO).

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