Everything Old Is New Again

The DCU is a big place, but occasionally heroes just get…displaced. Just ask Psycho Pirate.  For every Resurrection Man that gets another shot at the big time, there’s a Power Girl or an Oracle* who fades out.  For this week’s LIST we present what the DCU’s former heroes are  doing now.
  • Phantom Lady (Stormy Tyler) – Lunch lady at an elementary school in New Jersey

  • Connor Hawke – Newsstand vendor.  In fact, in the New 52 he’s the hack in Watchmen

  • Wizard SHAZAM! – shill for Sham-WOW Industries.

  • Rainbow Raider – Blogger, whydoesgeoffjohnshateme.net

  • Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, Qwisp – Three words: interdimensional midget porn

  • The Spectre – Working in Disney’s Haunted Mansion

  • Ray Palmer – moved to the Marvel 616 Universe hoping to study under Hank Pym.

  • Tawky Tawny – Killed Tony the Tiger in a fight club for his power, using them to shill for Frosted Flakes

  • ‘Mazing Man – Manager of a Planet Krypton in New Orleans.

  • Lobo – Doin’ yer mom, comprende?

  • Mikaal Thomas – marketing a healing crystal through Urban Outfitters.

  • Captain Marvel – Herald of Galactus

  • Jack Ryder – back up keyboardist for the Parliment Funkadelic

  • Jack Knight – Collecting Bakelite and Viewmaster reels in Opal City

*Try not to dwell on the thought that it’s DC’s women getting demoted.


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