Turn and face the strange…LIST

Many changes in the DCnU are getting major press both inside and outside of the comics industry. Each week of new issues reveals new changes for fans to rave and rant over until the next Wednesday. Below, you’ll find some of the changes that won’t be making headlines… if they’re noticed at all.

QWERTY keyboards blinked from existence. They’ve been replaced by the OHBUGER board (pronounced “Oh Bugger).

Atlantis is no longer an agrarian-based society.

The most popular search engine in the DCnU is Alta Vista with it’s popular brand of Automaton phones and products.

Greedo did, in fact, shoot first in 1977’s theatrical release of “Star Wars.”

Vanilla Ice enjoyed a long and popular career before being gunned down in a car with Suge Knight.

Joker Gas is now contains no caffeine.

Mirror Master is still an apprentice.  However, true to his villainous nature, he’s keeping his name the same.

The gravity is 1.025  times greater than it was in the DCU.

Purple and green have never been associated with villains. Khaki and shades of taupe are the DCnU villain colors.

Earth-Prime's DC Comics still uses the DC Bullet.

The Joker beat Jason Todd with a prybar, not a crowbar.

2 comments on “Turn and face the strange…LIST

  1. Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thank you for this post..

  2. I do not disagree with you!

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