This Week’s Comics

A weird melange of comics coming out this week!  Here’s this week’s noteworthy titles.

  • FEAR ITSELF HULK VS DRACULA #2 (OF 3) – Lord, I’m a sucker for an unusual matchup.
  • FF #9 – I’ve found a few issues of Jonathan Hickman’s FF, but I can’t really dive into it until I find Fantastic Four #587 and 588, and FF #1.  Anyone know good places to snag those on the cheap?  They’re definitely the hardest to find titles of this experiment.
  • HERC #8 – I’ve found the first couple issues of Herc and found it lacking a lot of the joy I got from the Incredible Hercules, so I think I’m going to stop here until I get a bit more caught up and can better judge the title.
  • HOLY TERROR HC – I’m torn on this one, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on the reviews for Frank Miller’s Batman vs Al Qaeda minus Batman.  This one may very well just come down to where your politics lie.
  • VENOM #7 – See: Herc #8 and FF #9

Expect more reviews next week, as I’ll have had a chance to read The Big Lie #1, and large chunks of Jeff Parker’s Hulk and Gail Simone’s Secret Six, an incredibly hard title to track down.

And before wrapping it up this week, I’d just like to wish Arthur Curry a happy birthday;  He turned 70 yesterday.  Many happy returns, buddy!

That’s it for me, what are YOU looking at?

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