Law & Order

There’s so much crime and punishment in your average comic title, you’d think a certain TV show would mine them more for “ripped from the headlines” storylines.  For this week’s list we present Comic Book Stories That Would Make Great Law & Order Episodes.

  • Great Power – A teenage boy is bitten by a radioactive spider on a class field trip and is diagnosed with cancer.  His poor aunt and uncle can’t afford to sue Oscorp and their telegenic but unhinged CEO.  Can Jack McCoy prove him guilty of Deranged Indifference?
  • Shade – Bodies start turning up across New York with nothing in common but the last name Ludlow.  When Lupo and Bernard track the mystery back to a Victorian murder, what comes next WILL shock you!
  • Monarch – Young Victor von Doom is found burned and close to death in his dorm room. In spite of overwhelming evidence, Goren and Eames aren’t convinced that fellow student and rival Reed Richards is responsible. With Richards’ life threatened by a strange cult, it’s a stretch as to whether the truth will out.
  • Strange Visitor – When ambulances show up at the Kent residence all signs point to a heart attack.  But when it turns out Martha Kent was never pregnant and there’s no documentation on her son, the question becomes Who Is Clark Kent?
  • Elongated – Ripped from recent headlines! Socialite Sue Dearbon Dibny is found raped in a club called The Satellite. Stabler and Benson are stonewalled at every turn by the club’s elite members. Meanwhile, Detectives Munch and Tutuola race to stop a group of vigilantes bent on setting an example by crippling the lead suspect.
  • Avenged – Stabler and Benson answer a domestic violence call at the home of former debutant Janet Van Dyne. Van Dyne claims it’s a false alarm, but her face tells another story. Can the detectives pry her away from the abusive relationship?
  • Speed – Police scientist Barry Allen was horribly injured during what appeared to be a freak chemical accident at work.  When it looks like the department was at fault, Jack McCoy must investigate his colleagues at the police department to get to the bottom of things in record time.
  • X – Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate a posh private school in Westchester Country when the body a female student and an experimental air-craft are discovered in the Hudson River. What connection does the headmaster have to the experimental air-craft? Why are the feds involved?
  • Lump – Special Victims gets called when an overweight boy with advanced diabetes shows signs of abuse.  He appears docile enough when he has a lollipop in his mouth but when they’re taken away, what comes next will shock you!



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