Game Tape

Uggghhhh… The last two weeks of books were pretty meh. Not awful, but not worth commenting on. This week is something else altogether.

I check Previews and the new releases religiously every week, but somehow Tales Designed to Thrizzle always surprises me when it’s in my box. This time around it’s a mixed blessing. It’s got all the great craziness, but I’m not sold on the whole color thing. Part of what I really loved about Kupperman’s original strips was the shading, line work, and amazing detail in his panels. The color flattens it in the same way that Ted Turner’s colorization flattened so many movies in the 1980’s. Loved the stories and fake ads, but please go back to black and white.

I ended up getting Scott Snyder’s Batman #’s 1 and 2 this week, and I’m impressed. While there’s an over-arching mystery, and who knew Batman could solve mysteries?, enough Batmany things are happening per issue to keep it interesting. Given the Bat-world’s relationship to owls, it’s a clever choice as an adversary. More impressive is that Bruce Wayne is getting a fair amount of quality panel time. So the writing’s good as is the art. Editorially, there are problems. Everyone is younger again. While in and of itself this is not a problem, coupling it with the edict that there have only been vigilantes and superheroes for 5 years creates some sticky questions. Obviously there’s the question of cramming 99% of continuity into 5 years. More problematic, how is Damian not a toddler? My suggestion: forget the stupid editorial mistakes and enjoy a good old DCU story.

This week marked an end of the first volume of Uncanny X-Men. I picked it up out of sentimental reasons; Uncanny¬† was the first series I collected regularly. I haven’t really followed the book in about 12 years, so I knew some things wouldn’t make sense… namely in this case: Mr. Sinister’s ominous scenes. Still, I was curious how to see how it would end. Gillen didn’t disappoint. Like a good series finally, things are wrapped up with a look to the future, and someone is there to turn out the lights in the last scene. For those that have been following, this is probably more of an epilogue or coda to the recent events of Schism. What I’ve heard and read about the X-Universe lately has me wondering if it isn’t time to come back.

In brief:

Transformers #28 probably had a good script. The art hid most of it. I understand the stylistic choice to have different artists depicting action on Earth and Space/Cybertron, but they made an difficult to interpret choice for Cybertron.

Fear Itself ended this week with #7, and it was plagued by the same problem as early issues. It only tells clips from the story letting the crossover titles wrap things up. Gone are the days when you could read the event title and get a solid complete story. Oh well…The epilogues were nice though…especially the shocking one involving the Hulk.

GI JOE: Real American Hero #171 told a good mission story involving some of my favorite Joes. The title isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s always damn good fun. Sometimes that’s all I’m looking for in a book.

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