Getcher Adjectives Heer!

Comics are stuck in a rut, aren’t they?  It used to be, when a new comic launched you got a bold new proclamation just in the title! Amazing Spider-Man!  Uncanny X-Men!  Giant-Size Man-Thing! Now, though…Well, now comic title’s are just the character’s name or a recycle title from days past (think All-Star Western or Journey Into Mystery).  But we’re here to help!  For this week’s LIST we present All-New, All Different Adjectives for Comic Titles!
  • The Many Snacks of Jonah Hex

  • Superman: Gastronome

  • The Canny X-Men

  • The Splendid Spider-Man

  • The Loquacious Spectre

  • Stroll Into Mystery

  • Everyday Events In Space

  • Tamed Western Tales

  • The Sane Tick

  • Political Action Comics

  • Decaffeinated Green Lantern

  • The Foyer of Dracula

  • The Silky Caress of the Man-Thing

  • The Mustachioed Adventures of Superman

  • The Erogenous Aquaman


One comment on “Getcher Adjectives Heer!

  1. Jesse says:

    Apologies to all of our readers. Somehow we missed “The Credible Hulk”.

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