Game Tape

It’s that time of the month again, so I’ll start the reviews with Action Comics (vol. 2) #3. This issue had some really cool moments, starting with the opening sequence on Krypton, but the moments were a bit disjointed. There wasn’t as clear a flow to this month’s narrative as in the previous two issues, so the amazing moments of the issue were hurt by a jumpy feel and a couple of weird panels. Event wise, if there were any doubts as to the identity of Luthor’s secret space-partner, they’ve been obliterated.

Snarked!  #3 was also out this week, and Roger Langridge continues to be the best all around all-ages creator. There’s the right balance of humor, action, and pathos to these issues and the story as a whole. Langridge’s art is as solidly fluid as ever also. The one thing that bothers me is that the story isn’t moving much. After 4 issues (counting 0), the plot hasn’t really progressed. Johnsian decompression aside, it’s still a fun read.

Next up, in a effort to give the X-franchise a fair shake after 11 years, I read Uncanny X-Men (vol. 2) #1. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t bowled over by it. I get the feeling that this book, more than the others in under the Regenesis heading, will maintain the pre-Schism status quo. That’s not a bad thing; by all accounts Kieron Gillen has done fantastic work. I’ll give the book an arc’s worth of attention to see if it reads as more than just generic super people punching things. To his credit though, Gillen did manage to make Mr. Sinister an interesting villain. There’s a good blend of eugenics nut and Joker… but I still have no clue what his power set is… after 25 years. I’m also inclined to keep the book a while because I’m a big fan of artist Carlos Pacheco. His characters are all streamlined and graceful…even the enormous Celestial. In this book especially, he impressed me with his Magneto. Most artists have a tendency to draw him as a young man with white hair. Pacheco puts hints of wear and age into Magneto’s face. 

Finally, I was excited to see Image’s Next Issue Project come out with Crack Comics #63. These looks at Golden Age titles have been inventive and enjoyable. This issue focused on several lesser known Quality characters from Crack Comics. The anthology features what can be best called post-modern classic looks at characters like Captain Triumph, The Clock, and Red Torpedo. Previous issues have featured Daredevil, The Claw, and Stardust the Super Wizard. $4.99 for a tabloid sized quarterly book is something that doesn’t hurt my feelings.

That just about wraps up the week. I also read Villains for Hire and X-Men #20. Both were solid books.


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