The LIST… Mid-season replacements

It’s that time of year where TV execs look at new shows and see which ones are worth keeping and which ones should be replaced with something that the execs have been holding onto. Since DC is now running more in lines with the rest of the entertainment world, it only follows that some of the New 52 won’t make it another issue only to be replaced by something that might sell better. This week’s LIST asks, “What are DC’s mid-season replacements?”

Thunder Cats! - After decades missing in action, the greatest JSA legacy characters ever are back and in their own book! Jonni Thunder and Yolanda "Wildcat" Montez are out of the 80's and back in action! Geoff Johns plots, David Goyer scripts, Rags Morales pencils.

Red Hood and the In-LawsRed Hood and the Outlaws takes an exciting new direction in DC’s first foray into funny books in several years features a married Jason Todd and Starfire. The two cope with inter-species marriage, vigilante style justice, AND Starfire’s parents moving in with the newly weds! On top of all that, their whacky neighbor Arsenal is forever up to new hi-jinx.

Young Hawk and Dove – No tights, no fights!  Follow the adventures of
Hank Hall and Dawn Granger as 15 year old kids, coming to grips with their opposing world views and struggling to make sense of Order and Chaos.  Will they?  Won’t they?  We’ll explore the possibilities for (a guaranteed) 8 years. Expect teen angst (and not much else!) in mighty WB fashion!  Written by Rob Liefeld’s Twitter feed.  Art by Rob Liefeld’s 1988 sketchbooks.

Just Imagine Geoff Johns’s…In a bold and innovative move, DC comics asks wunderkind Geoff Johns to reimagine the DCnU. Each month Johns, famous for reinvigorating properties such as Cyborg, Flash, and Green Lantern, will reinvent a different DC concept based solely on the name! In the first year Johns will take a fresh and exciting look at Dr. Fate, Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Hourman, and Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth. Art by clones of Jim Lee

Detective Comics – After Tony Daniels’ stellar four-issue run and invention of the character, Detective Comics relaunches with an ALL-NEW NUMBER ONE ISSUE!  The first new #1 of this title since 2011! Written by Tony Daniels.  Art by Tony Daniels.

Prezazzle! – Ninth grader Prezley Rickard has just been elected to the highest office in the land. How can she juggle world diplomacy, braces, totally redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom, term papers, and getting the attention of the super hot Chief Justice? With the help of Dolly Madison’s ghost, she’ll soon learn it’s all about checks and balances. Plots by Aaron Sorkin, script: Nick Spencer and art by Barbara Slate.

Justice League Antarctica - We're just letting Mssrs DeMatteis, Giffen, and Maguire go nuts on this one.

Space Cabbie – Exploring the forgotten corners of space, anything can happen!  Eight-page Ultraa the Multi-Alien backup. By Garth Ennis and Kevin O’Neill.

Jim Lee Makes Marks on Paper– Part sketchbook, part text piece, ALL AWESOME. Each month DC Editors compile scraps of paper that Jim Lee has written, scribbled, or doodled on to create an experimental comic book in the vein of narratives by Alan Moore or Grant Morrison. Sure to be a huge commercial and critical success because of super-star creator JIM LEE! with Fumetti back-up story: “Chronicles of Jim Lee.”

Gorilla Grodd vs. The DCU – Gorilla Grodd fights heroes, villains, and other gorillas monthly.  As Julie Schwartz said, gorillas sell. Expect monkey business, bad puns, and guest stars galore!  Written by Brian Clevenger with art by Brett Booth.

The Magic of SHAZAM! – Alan Moore returns to mainstream comics with this exploration of the philosophies, histories, and cultural backgrounds of the different deities and characters that inspire and power Captain Marvel. Art by Melinda Gebbie.


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